Canlon MBP-P

Definition: MBP-P  waterproofing membranes form a continuous adhesive bond by providing a very strong adhesion to the concrete and curtain concrete to be poured over it.  HDPE membrane with composite structure reduces the water input and output significantly between concrete structure and membrane with this feature.

Product :

MBP-P  2 mm, 1,7 mm, 1,5 mm and 1,2 mm

Packing :

In the form of roll 1*20 mt (36 kg/roll) and 2*20 mt (72 kg/roll) 


² Basic and Curtain water insulation in the building structure

² It is not suitable for membrane roof insulation and other volume insulations.                                 


Usage Areas:  

² Deep Foundations

² Foundations

² One and Double faced Basic Curtain  alls

² Tunnels

² Infrastructure Projects


 ² It adheres to the surfaces to be applied completely and permanently.

² It is easy to apply thanks to additional fully seam adhesive. (Does not require welding.)

² It remains adhered to the Building in a sealed way even in the ground subsidence.

² It is resistant to aggressive chemicals in groundwater and soil.

² It protects against methane, radon gas, alkali, salt and sulfate when it is applied to the building.

² It is resistant to weather conditions and is durable UV rays that will expose during the application for 6 months.

² It does not require protection concrete.

² It is resistant to laying Steel fitting over it. It is not damaged and impenetrable easily.

 Approvals / Tests:

 ² CE Certificate No: 1023-CRP-0699 F / 2015  EN 13967 Flexible waterproofing membranes

² Methane/Radon Gas Permeability Test Report ASTM-D1434

² Tightness Test Report Under Hydrostatic Pressure DIN-16726-2011-01

² Water Permeance Rate Test Report ASTM-E96

² Water Absorption Test Report ASTM-D570

² Elasticity Elongation Strain Tensile Strength ASTM-D412

² Puncture Resistance Test Report ASTM-D4833 and ASTM-E154

² Peel Resistance Concrete and Flexibility Temperature Report at Low Temperature Test Report ASTM-D1970 /ASTM-D903

System components:

² Canlon MBP-P 1.5* mm and 1.2 mm Membrane (1.2 mm with order)

² Canlon MBP-P Double Tape (Edge, sealed double sided tape for corner)

² Canlon MBP-P Sanded Tape (Edge, sealed tape for corner)

Method of Application:

The surface that MBP-P will be applied requires to be solid and smooth. The surface that application will be made can be moist, but water accumulation should not be. The surface that application will be made in order to prevent the damage that may give to the membrane must be smooth and clean. Wide openings and holes must be filled using the material having the necessary strength.

Suitable Surfaces;

 ² Concrete, Lean Concrete

² Smooth mold surface (Temporary or Permanent)

² Rigid Insulation

² Compacted soil with Jeogrid mat

² Playwood, Osb, Wood Board (Similar products can be created solid substrates)

Application Details;

Particle surface of MBP-P membrane must always requires to be applied in such a way to bring top. Application is started by laying the cleaned membrane to surface. Foil over self-adhesive part which is 75 mm and of which joints are stated, is removed and joints are combined. Hot air welding machine can be used to soften the edges adhesive at low temperatures. 

Joints must be compressed by roller to provide a good adhesion. MB-P Double Band must be used in the edges and corners combination. Spaceless, a smooth bottom line is required to create in one sided curtain manufacturing.

Double Sided Curtain Applications ;

Sealing can be achieved in both sided curtains with liquid spray Polyurea or Polyurethane Hot applications system after   MBP-P usage or bitumen cementitious injection or spraying systems in the manufacturing of both sided curtain and basement insulation.

Details of Piled Head ;

Pile head must be broken and cleaned. After loose particles are cleansed from the surface, by adhesion of Canlon MBP-P product with Double Tape are applied around piled head in a way to perform mold duties, after application of bands expanded with water to pile repair region, cement based crystalline waterproofing products are applied to piled head which is corrected with the help of grout concretes with high strength or with the help of C40 KYB concrete and pile head sealing is achieved. MS Polymer is used in combination of loose laid MBP-P membrane and pile head and chamfer is done. 

Application Notes;

MBP-P products should only be performed by Canlon practitioners who receive training and have the authorized specialist practitioner certificate. MBP-P products does not have UV resistance permanently. It may remain uncovered for 6 months during application. It must not be applied to structural elements exposed to permanent UV and Atmospheric effects. Do not apply under long term continuous rain.


It should be stored on clean pallets avoiding direct sunlight,

Shelf Life;

It can be stored long term under proper storage conditions.

Health and Safety Recommendations;

There is no legal requirements for MBP-P material safety data form Read the MSDS form for information on Health and safety.

Legal Warning;

All technical data stated in MBP-P Product information sheet is based on independent laboratory test and experiments. Actual values that are achieved may vary due to circumstances, beyond our control. Our Company shall not be held responsible for the results that may occur due to incorrect use and/or other than written recommendations with regard to where and how the product will be used. This technical Document is valid until a new one is printed and prevails the previous editions.